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[Vorici_01] VoriciWildAttention
You there. A moment of your time.
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[Vorici_03] MissionDexInt0GiveQuest
Yes, you'll do. Now, listen carefully, for I do disdain repetition.

There are those who live for greater things in Wraeclast and then there are those who just... 'live'.

One of the latter is out there right now, grasping at our future with greedy little fingers.
[Vorici_04] VoriciMissionFail
Dominus exiles every brigand and cutthroat in Oriath, but do you think I can procure myself just one good, clean killer?

I am sure to regret this, but let's speak again in the near future and see if we can still make something useful out of you.

Wraeclast is meant to be the land of second chances, after all.
[Vorici_05] VoriciMissionGeneric
Send this malcontent a message from me, expressing my violent disdain of their current behaviour.
[Vorici_06] VoriciMissionFirstKill
Kill this selfish malcontent for me, and you shall be rewarded. Couldn't be simpler.

And should you execute your duties with sufficient finesse, I might be inclined to offer you further commissions of this nature.

I have a list, you see, of troublesome individuals our fledgling exile society could rather do without.

It's quite a long list.
[Vorici_07] VoriciMissionKill
Kill this malcontent. Make it quick, and make it clean. 'Elegant' sums it up best.

When one is creating a new civilisation, one must set the highest of standards from the beginning.
[Vorici_08] VoriciMissionKillOnly1
Kill the malcontent and you might as well slaughter his retinue while you're at it.

On second thought, leave just one of them alive. The right fearful word in the right ear can do the work of a hundred daggers.
[Vorici_09] VoriciMissionKillOnly2
Kill the malcontent, but leave his retinue alive.

They are but sheep, and I will need those with a talent for obedience in the times that are to come.
[Vorici_10] VoriciMissionKillGuards
Slaughter the malcontent's protectors, but leave the principal antagonist alive.

I wish to send a message with this massacre, far and wide, and for that I need a messenger with some influence.
[Vorici_11] VoriciMissionKillTime
Kill this selfish malcontent and do it with all possible speed.

Though they have deeply disappointed me, I still rather like this particular villain. Make it quick, and... relatively painless.
[Vorici_12] VoriciMissionHostage
The malcontent in question is holding a rather useful friend of mine against their will.

Kill the kidnapper, and make sure that my friend remains alive and well.
[Vorici_13] VoriciMissionLowLife
Send this malcontent a message from me, expressing my violent disdain of their current behaviour. But do not kill them, you hear?

That would only complicate matters.
[Vorici_14] VoriciMissionChest
The malcontent in question has a rather sensitive document under lock and key. Examine that document, and recall what it tells you.

But under no circumstances do you kill the malcontent guarding it, understood? That would only leave me with a mess to clean up.
[Vorici_15] MissionDexInt1GiveQuest
You're late! Yet, as luck would have it, our latest loose thread remains in the vicinity.
[Vorici_16] MissionDexInt2GiveQuest1
Another loose thread threatens to unravel our grand design.
[Vorici_17] MissionDexInt0GiveRewardMet
The tool is sharper than it first appeared!

Look for me in the Sarn Encampment, should you wish to relieve me of further obstacles.

You will be suitably compensated.
[Vorici_18] MissionDexInt0GiveRewardNotMet
There are those who live for greater things in Wraeclast and then there are those who just... 'live'.

One of the latter has been defeated, thanks to you. One less short-sighted malcontent to worry about.

Look for me in the Sarn Encampment should you, too, dream of greater things.
[Vorici_19] MissionDexInt1Rewarded
The weaving of a new civilization... as unpredictable as it is delicate.

I've nothing for you now, but look for me when next you are in the Sarn Encampment. You never know when I might have some stray threads that need snipping.
[Vorici_20] MissionDexInt0TooLate
The weaving of a new civilization... as unpredictable as it is delicate.

I've nothing for you now, but keep an eye out for me. You never know when I might have some stray threads that need snipping.
[Vorici_21] VoriciTownFirst
I used to be quite the lockpick back in Oriath. No vault nor bedchamber was safe from me.

Now I have a new type of key. The virtue gem. Put the right key in the right lock, and you open up a world of possibility.

Aid me in my cause and I'll be inclined to offer you some of those 'possibilities', at a reasonable price. And the more you help me, the more I can potentially offer you. Such is the fundamental rule of commerce.

So, look for me out there in the wastelands, exile. By then, I'm sure to have found another way for you to improve our mutual situation.
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[Vorici_23] MissionDexInt1GiveRewardMet
I do like a tidy ending.

It seems that we might continue to be useful to each other. Look for me in the Sarn Encampment.
[Vorici_24] MissionDexInt1GiveRewardNotMet
Another unruly thread has been tidied away without my raising a blade or even uttering a word.

It seems that we might continue to be useful to each other. Look for me in the Sarn Encampment.
[Vorici_25] VoriciWildLevelUpTo2
Even the finest thread cannot comprehend the tapestry to which it is bound.

It is time you and I discussed our future, my useful friend. Meet me in the Sarn Encampment at your earliest convenience.
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[Vorici_26b] MissionDexInt2GiveQuest2
I've a walking, talking lump of ignorance that requires your attention.
[Vorici_26c] MissionDexInt2GiveQuest3
Another day, another upstart tyrant to cut down.
[Vorici_26d] MissionDexInt2GiveQuest4
Let's see who is next on my list. Ah yes, they'll do nicely.
[Vorici_27] MissionDexInt2GiveRewardMet
A satisfactory elimination, I suppose. A little sloppy in the execution, but one always has room for improvement.
[Vorici_28] VoriciWildLevelUpTo3
You are proving far more useful than I previously gave you credit for. I think it's time we recognised your surprising progress.

Connect with me in the Sarn Encampment and we shall talk more of this 'recognition'.
[Vorici_29a] MissionDexInt3GiveReward1
When we improve ourselves or the lives of others, someone must invariably bear that cost.
[Vorici_29b] MissionDexInt3GiveReward2
Those that can need not concern themselves with those that can't.
[Vorici_29c] MissionDexInt3GiveReward3
As we improve our own lot, we improve that of our civilisation.
[Vorici_29d] MissionDexInt3GiveReward4
A civilised life is the product of a primitive death.
[Vorici_30] VoriciWildLevelUp
And the next time you're in the Sarn Encampment, make a visitation. I have a few curiosities that might suit your maturing tastes.
[Vorici_31a] MissionDexInt3Rewarded1
I've no need of you at the moment.
[Vorici_31b] MissionDexInt3Rewarded3
Currently the tapestry weaves itself.
[Vorici_31c] MissionDexInt3Rewarded2
Give me time to find our next quarry.
[Vorici_31d] MissionDexInt3Rewarded4
A murder hurried is a murder butchered.
[Vorici_31e] MissionDexInt3Rewarded5
A little snip-happy, aren't you? Patience!
[Vorici_32] VoriciUpTo2
I was beginning to wonder if I'd over-estimated your survival instincts.

But now that you're here, take a moment to look over these curiosities that I've managed to liberate. Their previous owners lacked that the sophistication to appreciate them.
[Vorici_33] VoriciUpTo2Hideout
Word has it that you've recently founded yourself a hideout.

As it happens, I am currently of no fixed abode and could do with a quiet spot to work on my gems, connect a few more dots, as it were.

Secrets for shelter, sound like a fair trade?
[Vorici_34] VoriciUpTo3
If we are to build ourselves a fresh civilisation, we need a founding point. Somewhere to plant our brave, new flag. Not this poor excuse for a shanty town.

I've found just the place. A hideout, a quiet spot where we might continue our work in peace. I'll watch your back and you watch mine. Sound feasible?
[Vorici_35] VoriciUpTo3Hideout
If we are to build ourselves a fresh civilisation, we need a founding point. Somewhere to plant our brave, new flag.

Yes, I know that you have established just such a bastion already, yet I ask you to consider this. Is it truly suited to your greater purpose, or merely suited to the petty ambitions of another?

I can offer you exactly what you need, but only if you have sufficient taste to recognise it.
[Vorici_36] VoriciTownCreateHideout
Though you hide your sophistication well, I simply knew you were an exile of discernment.

Let's see the fruits of your astute decision, shall we?
[Vorici_37] VoriciHideoutDemo
I know... it doesn't look like much at the moment.

But since I made the effort to recognise the potential in you, perhaps you could do this place the same courtesy?
[Vorici_38] VoriciHideoutDemoSelected
The mighty, imperial capital of Sarn... even it had no grander beginnings than this.

Let's keep the momentum going, procure a few more citizens. Choose carefully though. One bad apple spoils the barrel.
[Vorici_39] VoriciHideoutGiveCraft
Now to even more important matters: the noble science of geomancy.

This cunning device has enabled me to alter the gem sockets in a myriad of artefacts. Providing you have sufficient mental fortitude, I might just be able to get you working a little geomancy of your own.
[Vorici_40] VoriciUpTo4
Fortitude is a rare quality among exiles and you, my ally, have it in abundance.

Your efforts will not go unnoticed when the new empire arises.
[Vorici_41] VoriciUpTo6
This alliance of ours grows more promising by the day.

At times I had thought myself completely alone in my aspirations, yet here you stand, willing to murder your way right into the history books.

We'll make a master out of you yet!
[Vorici_42] VoriciUpTo5
Now that you have proven to be the very definition of the word 'assassin', it would be a shame to hem in your future development.

You should consider extending our noble abode here. Open spaces, open minds, as they say.
[Vorici_43] VoriciUpTo7
Though the malcontents of this land have grown to fear your attentions, there is still so much to be done.

Humanity is a slow learner by nature, and it is up to the likes of us to accelerate its enlightenment.

Look around you, my noble ally. We have built the foundation. Let us now continue the construction of our empire-to-be!
[Vorici_44] VoriciUpTo8
You and I have woven the finest of tapestries together, one that will come to blanket this entire land in the warm comfort of civilisation.

We have cut a swathe through the ignorant, the selfish, the devious, and the destructive. In so doing, we return to Wraeclast the one element that it has missed the most: a future.
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[Vorici_47] VoriciHideoutDaily
Excellent. And do remember to temper your violence with elegance. We have standards to maintain.
[Vorici_48] VoriciOnCatarina
It is not how a man lives, but how a man dies that truly matters.

Catarina's cadaverous 'sculptures' mock us in what should be our finest moment.
[Vorici_49] VoriciOnTora
Tora thinks almost as poorly as she smells. You cannot start a new world by simply slaughtering the old.

Pay no heed to that primitive.
[Vorici_50] VoriciOnZana
Zana's is a mind worthy of intercourse. If only I could pry her from her maps, now and then.
[Vorici_51] VoriciOnVagan
I have never heard a man waste so many words on saying nothing.

Vagan is a linguistic mass murderer, yet put a sword in his hand and he becomes a disturbingly efficient communicator.
[Vorici_52] VoriciOnElreon
One of these days, I'm going to sheath my daggers in Elreon's faith-blind eyes.

When a man takes on religion, he locks up his mind and throws away the key.
[Vorici_53] VoriciOnHaku
When it comes to knowledge and power, we Oriathans have always looked to our dearly departed Empire.

From what I've learned of Haku, we should have been looking closer to home.
[Vorici_54] VoriciOnGeomancy
Gems represent the one true power here in Wraeclast. The Vaal understood this, the Eternals also. Now, it is our turn to study and exploit these most precious of stones.

Geomancy, I have come to call the field, and of one thing I am certain. It is we geomancers who shall inherit this fallen Empire, who shall raise this realm to its former glory, and beyond.

I have much that I might impart to you on the subject, but whether you are worthy of such enlightenment... well, that remains to be seen.
[Vorici_55] VoriciOnGems
Virtue Gems are so called because they imbue the mundane sack of humanity with virtues normally reserved for the divine. Ten-fold when the gem is embedded into flesh and bone rather than a tool of trade.

Melding of man and gem... that's a bit of a lost science. The proper fitting of tool with gem however, that can still be mastered by those few with the intellect to fathom it.
[Vorici_56] VoriciOnGemOrigins
The Highgate Mines, that's where the virtue gems originated. At the head of the Grantori Vitalis, the aqueduct that runs north from Sarn to the mountains.

I procured a few shipping manifests from the docks. The gems were chipped out of the heart of the mountains, and delivered to Sarn by the ton.

But from whence do the gems derive their power? Though I'm loath to admit it, even I don't know the answer to that one.
[Vorici_57] VoriciOnThaumaturgy
Thaumaturgy resides in everything. Yet our innate ability to harness it is fairly limited.

Yes, there are witches who can work minor miracles and Karui holy men who chatter with spirits and call down the rain. They are but amusements playing in the shadow of the gem-wielder.

How best to elucidate this...if thaumaturgy is the blood, then the virtue gem is the heart.