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[Zana_01] ZanaWildAttention
This way, exile!
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[Zana_03] MissionStrDexInt0GiveQuest
Wraeclast is growing more twisted by the day. There's another cataclysm coming, one that's going to make the last look like a sweet dream.

I'm going to find its source, try to prevent it, but I can't do it alone. Too much ground to cover. Too little time.

That's where this map device comes in. It used to belong to Malachai. It can send us into the forgotten corners of this fallen empire.
[Zana_04] ZanaMissionGeneric
I need you to secure one such area ahead of me. It doesn't matter how you do it, just make it safe, so that I can explore it without distraction.
[Zana_05] ZanaMissionTag
At this point, I need you to locate a number of thaumaturgically charged lodestones, navigational markers that my map device can read from afar.

If you activate them, I shall be able to map the surrounding area without even stepping foot in the place.
[Zana_06] ZanaMissionKillBoss
Specifically, I've noticed a region that is manifesting some unusually concentrated corruption. Such a place could deliver us an absolute gold mine of information.

There's just one problem: it's the hunting ground for a creature of equally concentrated brutality.

I would last but moments with the thing. You, however, seem far better equipped than I to deal with this particular breed of nightmare.
[Zana_07] ZanaMissionKillMonsters
For example. I've located a region that is absolutely bubbling with corruption. It could provide us with some fascinating insights. There's just one issue.

It's the breeding ground for a species of creature both deadly and ravenous. I would last but moments amongst the things. You, however, seem far better equipped than I to deal with them.
[Zana_08] ZanaMissionFindMap
The particular area I have in mind contains a map. My device sensed it, but couldn't pin down its exact location.

Maps are dangerous. Wraeclast is teetering on the brink, and the wrong exile in the wrong place could send us all over edge.

I need you to find that map, and keep it safe, assuming that you're not the 'wrong exile' in question, of course.
[Zana_09] ZanaMissionFindUnique
For instance, the place I'm thinking of contains some powerful artefacts, one of which bears a rather potent thaumaturgical signature.

I shudder to think what an artefact like that might be capable of, should it fall into the wrong hands.

Make sure it doesn't.
[Zana_10] ZanaMissionAnotherMission
The place I'm going to send you... it's nothing like I've ever seen before. The corruption levels there are beyond comprehension. It must be close to the origin point of the cataclysm.

I need you to go there, and find out what you can. And be very careful. This piece of Wraeclast is unstable in the extreme, so expect anything or expect nothing. Either way, you're likely to be right.
[Zana_11] ZanaMissionKillExiles
There's a place I'd very much like you to explore, except that I'm not the only one with a vested interest in it.

A small group of exiles have claimed this tract of land as their own, and their motives are not as generous as mine.

Find these exiles, and put an end to their plans. I'm afraid, such is their determination, that there will only be one way to do that.
[Zana_12] ZanaMissionExtraNoDyingLeaving
Oh, and you're, you're only going to get one shot at this. The gateway is too unstable to replicate.

And please, don't die. I don't want your blood on my hands, if it's all the same to you.
[Zana_13] ZanaMissionExtraTimeLimit
And there's one more factor to consider.

With the amount of interference I'm receiving from the corruption, I'm only going to be able to sustain the link between here and there for a brief time.

Get in, get it done, and get out as fast as you can!
[Zana_14] ZanaMissionExtraTimeLimitIncreases
To make matters worse, such are the corruption levels that I'm only going to be able to sustain the link between here and there for a brief time.

That said, if you need some breathing room, thin the local population a little. Corrupted creatures cause the greatest interference. The less that live, the more time you have.
[Zana_15] ZanaMissionExtraTimeLimitDecreases
One more thing... and you're probably not going to like it.

The corruption levels are so high, that I'm going to have to ask you not to kill anything, unless you absolutely have to.

Yes, I know, this is rather counter to standard practice, but in this instance spilling corrupted blood will intensify the interference, making it more difficult to maintain the link.
[Zana_16] ZanaMissionExtraTimeLimitFind
A final matter to consider.

The corruption is playing havoc with my device at the moment, so I'm only going to be able to sustain the link between here and there for a brief time.

That said, if you need more time, see if you can find any menhir in the area... standing stones. Older than the Empire they are. Older even than the Vaal.

Those stones are the only thing I've found capable of dampening the corruption.
[Zana_17] MissionStrDexInt0GiveReward
Thank you, exile. Whether or not the source of the corruption resides in that landscape, you will have at least helped me to slot another piece into the puzzle.

We should talk more, the next time you are in the Eternal Laboratory. It's not just me who needs your help, you know. Everyone does.
[Zana_18] MissionStrDexInt0Failed
You couldn't see the task through? I'll have to do it myself then. Still, I must thank you... for trying.

Keep an eye out for me on your wanderings, as I'm sure you'll be of use to us all yet.
[Zana_19] MissionStrDexInt1Rewarded
I've yet to pin down an area worthy of attention.

It shouldn't be too long before I do, though. The corruption is everywhere.
[Zana_20] ZanaTownFirst
At the risk of sounding... unhinged... I am grateful to Dominus for exiling me.

Had he not, I would never have come to study the corruption here in Wraeclast, never understood the danger that we are all in.

This continent has changed beyond recognition, not once, but twice before. The patterns are there for anyone who knows how to read them.

Wraeclast will change again, and we need to be prepared.
[Zana_21] MissionStrDexInt1GiveQuest
You're a welcome sight, exile! Ready for another dance with Wraeclast?
[Zana_22] MissionStrDexInt1GiveReward
Efficiently done! It's a promising area that one, sure to be harbouring an answer or two.

In the meantime, connect with me when next you are in the Eternal Laboratory. I've a few spare maps you might find interesting.
[Zana_23a] MissionStrDexInt1Failed1
Don't despair, exile. There's plenty more Wraeclast where that came from.
[Zana_23b] MissionStrDexInt1Failed2
Dead ends are just a fact of an explorer's life. Get used to them.
[Zana_23c] MissionStrDexInt1Failed3
If there's no risk, then you're not anywhere worth being.
[Zana_23d] MissionStrDexInt1Failed4
Next time, exile. There's always a next time.
[Zana_24] ZanaWildUpTo2
The life of the explorer seems to agree with you.

We'll find the source of this corruption yet, you and I.
[Zana_25a] MissionStrDexInt2GiveQuest1
If you're interested, I've some treacherous areas begging for exploration.
[Zana_25b] MissionStrDexInt2GiveQuest2
Fancy delving into the unknown, exile?
[Zana_25c] MissionStrDexInt2GiveQuest3
I hope you've got itchy feet today!
[Zana_25d] MissionStrDexInt2GiveQuest4
Fancy a wander in the bewilderness?
[Zana_25e] MissionStrDexInt2GiveQuest5
There's so much of Wraeclast that still awaits us, exile.
[Zana_26] MissionStrDexInt2GiveReward
Impressive. Very impressive.
[Zana_27a] MissionStrDexInt2Rewarded1
Patience, exile. I need time to dissect my latest findings.
[Zana_27b] MissionStrDexInt2Rewarded2
I know time is of the essence, but so is accuracy. Wait.
[Zana_27c] MissionStrDexInt2Rewarded3
I'll let you know when I have another location for you to secure.
[Zana_27d] MissionStrDexInt2Rewarded4
Haste kills in Wraeclast.
[Zana_28] ZanaWildUpTo3
You and I make a good team. Perhaps it's time we nudged this alliance further along its evolutionary path.

I'll explain everything the next time we meet in the Eternal Laboratory. There are too many unknown variables just now.
[Zana_29a] ZanaWildLevelUp1
As our knowledge of the land grows, our knowledge of ourselves grows with it.
[Zana_29b] ZanaWildLevelUp2
Well done! As you are clearly beginning to realise, our only borders are the ones we place inside our heads.
[Zana_29c] ZanaWildLevelUp3
Every step we take in Wraeclast brings us one step closer to the truth.
[Zana_29d] ZanaWildLevelUp4
Forwards. That's the only direction we need concern ourselves with.
[Zana_30a] MissionStrDexInt3GiveReward1
A treacherous landscape, that one. You did well to tame it.
[Zana_30b] MissionStrDexInt3GiveReward2
Every foray brings us a little closer to the source.
[Zana_30c] MissionStrDexInt3GiveReward3
The picture becomes more clear with every fragment of this land we recover.
[Zana_30d] MissionStrDexInt3GiveReward4
I couldn't have asked for a better trailblazer.
[Zana_31] ZanaUpTo2
Now that you've had a taste of real exploration, it would be remiss of me to allow you to go hungry.

I've been sketching out a few maps of late, places I've reached into via my device here. Feel free to look over them, see if any fuel your wayfinding hankerings.

I'm sure we can work out a suitable trade, should you wish to delve into one or two yourself.
[Zana_32] ZanaUpTo2Hideout
Don't be alarmed by this, but your hideout has popped up on one of my maps. In fact, the situation presents us with an opportunity to strengthen our alliance.

I need a secure location where I can store and maintain my map device. In return, it could be yours to access should you pick up any maps on your travels.

[Zana_33] ZanaUpTo3
Since we're making such a striking team, I'm beginning to think that we should coordinate our efforts more closely.

And to do that, we need a base of operations. A place to resupply, recuperate and ruminate.

I've located a favourable spot. Subject to your approval, of course.
[Zana_34] ZanaUpTo3Hideout
Since we're making such a striking team, I'm beginning to think that we should coordinate our efforts more closely.

And to do that, we need a base of operations. A place to resupply, recuperate and ruminate.

Of course, I'm aware that you've already procured yourself such an abode. Yet, I urge you to reconsider your choice, a decision that was made while lost in the fog of another's motivations.

I seek not to cloud your judgement, exile, only to give you the freedom to do what you do best: explore.

I know of the perfect haven for us, should you wish to give it your consideration.
[Zana_35] ZanaCreateHideout
Just like the explorer you are... eyes settled always upon the horizon.
[Zana_36] ZanaHideoutDemo
Secluded, defendable, and comfortable even... well, when compared to what's outside.

Are we in agreement?
[Zana_37] ZanaHideoutDemoSelected
An astute decision.

You know, we could even invite one or two others to our cause, should the right candidates present themselves.

We have to be careful on that front, of course. Most exiles aren't quite as 'enlightened' as you and I.
[Zana_38] ZanaHideoutGiveCraft
The are two important days in a person's life. The day you are born, and the day you find out why.

I discovered my 'why' a long time ago. To map everything I see, so that I might share that knowledge and experience with others.

If you are willing, I could even show you how to draw your own maps. You never know... it could be your 'why', just as it is mine.
[Zana_39] ZanaHideoutOnCrafting
Malachai created this portable map device some time after his Reverie in the Eternal Laboratory.

Though its an abbreviated version, it's no less powerful. A masterpiece in refinement. Elegant in its simplicity. Malachai was... an irrefutable genius.

So, to cut a long story short, any map you would have otherwise used in the Reverie, you can use in my map device.

Malachai called it his 'Muse'. I call it Moo.
[Zana_40] ZanaUpTo4
Wraeclast will be conquered by neither sword nor axe, wand nor sceptre.

This land doesn't need to be punished. It's had more than enough of that already. Wraeclast simply needs to be understood.

You and I, we're the ones to do just that.
[Zana_41] ZanaUpTo5
Do you know where true power resides, exile?

Not on a High Templar's throne. Not in the corrupted earth. And not in the 'heart', as so many fools seem to think. The heart is a lump of muscle, a blood-pump with no more self-awareness than a toenail.

True power resides within the skull. In Wraeclast, those with strong minds may map themselves just as they map the land. You see, it's not the flesh that moulds the map. It's the other way around.

Be sure to draw your own map very carefully, exile.
[Zana_42] ZanaUpTo6
Did you know, exile, that thaumaturgy is the one force capable of ignoring the organic and physical laws of nature? Don't worry, it's quite reasonable for you to struggle with such a concept.

Our flesh-borne minds are as governed by these laws as our bodies. We walk from A to B, we think from A to B. Thaumaturgy knows no such limitations. As far as it is concerned, A and B are the same place.

Meaning that, all this time, you've travelled absolutely nowhere at all! But don't fret. Travel is not synonymous with progress. Outward progress is an illusion, whereas internal progress, that's what civilisations are made of!
[Zana_43] ZanaUpTo7
Originally, I had thought that Malachai invented the maps, made them the miraculous gateways through time and space that they are.

But the evidence is plain in the maps themselves for any with the education to recognise it. The Vaal. Malachai innovated, perfected, but it was the Vaal who truly created.

Now it's our turn, the Era of the Exile. We traverse those thaumaturgical passageways forged by the Vaal, and we will follow those passageways right into the domain of the Nightmare itself.
[Zana_44] ZanaUpTo8
It was truly a fortunate day when I met you, exile. Actually, I don't believe in fortune, so I'll rephrase that.

I am sincerely thankful that I recognized the opportunity that you presented, and that I had the courage to seize that opportunity.

Together, we have covered more ground than I ever could have hoped to on my own. You have delved into some of the darkest and most corrupted regions in Wraeclast, and not only have you put those places on the map, you have unveiled their secrets to me.

Without your help, I would know but a fraction of what I currently understand of the Nightmare... and the cataclysm it will soon unleash upon us.

This is the most important work that we explorers could ever undertake.

In fact, when you consider what's at stake, this could be the most important work that anyone could undertake.
[Zana_45] ZanaHideoutDaily
I've another tract of Wraeclast that is simply begging for exploration. Progress with care, and please, come back in one piece.
[Zana_46] ZanaOnVorici
Can someone have 'covetous' eyes? The way Vorici looks at me, the dampness of his words when he talks of my maps... he makes my skin crawl.
[Zana_47] ZanaOnTora
Tora roams further, delves deeper than I could ever hope to.

Yet she records nothing. Such an accursed waste!
[Zana_48] ZanaOnCatarina
I strive to prevent the impending cataclysm. Catarina looks to embrace it with open arms... preferably the dead ones she finds about the place.
[Zana_49] ZanaOnVagan
Vagan walks perpetually in a hall of mirrors... and seems to like it that way.
[Zana_50] ZanaOnElreon
Elreon is one that never lets logic spoil a good belief.
[Zana_51] ZanaOnHaku
Haku, and his warmongering ilk, are the bane of knowledge. Libraries are burned. The civilised are slaughtered. And for what? Petty pride, and the illusion that is power.
[Zana_52] ZanaOnCartograph
My father was a sea captain. When I was a child, he forbade me to come on any of his trading voyages, no matter how much I begged.

So one day, I stowed away. I was twelve years old at the time. He was furious... until I showed him my drawings of the coastline around Ngamakanui. My father was trading with the Karui there at the time.

From then on, he took me on every voyage. He hired a tutor to teach me cartography, the art of map-making, and had me record every place we went... the Karui Archipelago, Trathus, the Wraeclastian south coast and far beyond.

I don't say this so as to place myself on a pedestal. I say this to encourage your trust in me. I've been making maps since I was a child.

It is human nature to roam, but only when we record our journeys, draw them down as maps, may we travel together as a civilisation.
[Zana_53] ZanaOnConcealment
Do you know why I was exiled? The simplest of crimes, really. And the most inconvenient, to a man like Dominus. Curiosity.

There was an old ship being dismantled down at the docks, one from my father's fleet. The wrecking crew found an old sea chest in a boarded up section of the hold. Inside it, there was a map, hundreds of years old, from when Oriath was inhabited only by fisherman and disgraced legionnaires.

I secured that map, as soon as I heard of it, and do you know what it showed me? A very different Wraeclast to what the official charts displayed. A far more accessible Wraeclast.

One of my father's own men turned the map, and myself, over to the Templar. Apparently, he was one of Dominus' informants all along. That beautiful chart was burned before my eyes, and the following night, I was on a ship bound for exile.
[Zana_54] ZanaOnStuff
The maps I find, even the ones I craft, are as much the product of Corruption as they are of Thaumaturgy.

How? Because corruption and thaumaturgy are one. The cataclysm that forged the Wraeclast you see today, it was thaumaturgical.

When you hold a map in your hands, you are looking at a fragment of reality that has been utterly corrupted to a point where it is barely real at all.

And when we are no longer made of the stuff of reality... we are the stuff of Nightmare.
[Zana_55] ZanaOnNature
Thaumaturgy is the language of transformation.

Think of it this way. Change a note of music, and you have a different song. Write a new ending, and you have a different story. Alter but one colour in a painting and... you understand where I'm going with this.

Thaumaturgy puts you in the role of the artist with a canvas that encompasses all of reality. The greatest 'artist' of them all is the Nightmare, the entity that is the black heart of all corruption.

Twice now it has painted a 'new' Wraeclast with its chosen medium, the thaumaturgical cataclysm. It has literally chosen the colours and forms of this land, twisting reality to suit its own artistic vision.

Like any artist, it is never satisfied. The Nightmare strives to complete its masterpiece, a Work that would mean the end of existence as we know it... should we ever be unlucky enough to behold it.